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10 things you may not know - Part 2

June 16th 2016

Part 2 of our series, below are the remaining 5 things we think people should know about credit unions!  

5)      Unique to our credit union, if you need to sell your home before your mortgage term matures, you pay no interest penalties on our mortgages.

Not only do we offer very competitive rates but also a lot of added bonuses that the big banks just can’t compete with.  For example, with our credit union we waive the interest penalty if you need to break your mortgage before your term matures.  To those who have never owned before, that can equal thousands of dollars depending on the cost of your home, your interest rate and the length of time left on your mortgage term. 

6)      It’s easy to automatically qualify for free banking.

We try and make it as easy as possible for our members to qualify for free banking service packages.  We take into consideration your age, type of business you have with us, and the amount of business. On top of that, even if you do not automatically qualify for a free package, our packages and charges are very low cost.  Many of our members, who may not qualify for a free package or have not paid for one, still have free banking privileges!

7)      Customer Service and personalized experience is something we excel in.

At our branch, we get to know our members and they get to know us. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can have great conversations with many of our members.  We are able to better meet their needs and understand when things get tough.  We can take into consideration a member’s personal situation and help them get on a better financial path.

8)      Not looking to come into a branch? No problem. We also offer online, mobile and telephone banking as well as Interac e-Transfer and Remote Deposit features.

This allows you to bank no matter where you are and at any time that you would like.  Need to send money to a friend for pizza but our branch is closed?  No problem, log into your mobile banking app and send money through your email address and your friend gets paid right away. For us - only having one physical branch has never been anything that’s held us back or limited our members’ access to their funds.  We try and offer as many convenient ways as possible for our members to access their funds and do their banking, where and when they need to.

9)      We offer some of the lowest rates for loans and mortgages and competitive interest rates on investments and savings.

On top of great service, increased accessibility and services, we also offer free financial advice and planning with our Financial Planner.  She will help plan for your future and assist with investments to put you on the path to financial success.  Even better - it is completely free!  She is not paid on commissions to sell you certain investments but rather, she is here to guide you and work with your personal situation to make a plan that is personalized to you.

10)      We are locally owned and we support the local charities that are important to our members and community.

We work very close with the United Way, Friends of We Care, and Camp OOCH just to name a few.  Every year we get involved in events across the city and province that our members have expressed interest in. We are active in the volunteer community and that is the same for all credit unions. Our members call the shots and help us build a better community for those in need. 

Written by Amanda Perkins