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3 Things to plan before moving day!

July 27th 2017 by Amanda Perkins

Moving can be stressful.  Whether it’s a second home, upsizing or downsizing or you are a first-time home buyer, preparing for moving day is never easy.  There are boxes everywhere, last minute things to pack and details you may forget. The overwhelming work of making a move can make it easy to forget the “not so fun” details like changing your address, and the simple things like labelling which box your coffee pot and mugs are in. We are here to help make the transition easier for you and hopefully take a bit of stress out of your day. 


1)      Mark the boxes that should be easily accessible and opened first. Searching through a sea of matching boxes can be frustrating when you are looking for your toothbrush, pj’s for the first night and coffee for your first morning.  Marking the boxes that need to be kept easily accessible for that first 24 hours is key to making the transition into the new digs stress-free. Packing tip: keep a box with your cleaning supplies out and clearly marked for tip number 2!

2)      Clean your new place first.  The house that was in tip top shape and professionally cleaned for your first tour may not look the same on the day you move in.  Often previous owners are in the midst of their own crazy move and quickly exit the property, not taking the time to leave it clean for the new owners. Going in right away and cleaning up will help make unpacking a bit easier because you won’t have to move things twice – once into the new home, moving things to clean, then replacing items in their final spot. Getting the whole house clean will help make the new spot feel more like home and much more relaxing on move-in day.

3)      Change your address. Just because you set up mail forwarding doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend a bit of time changing all your addresses over as soon as possible.  If you read the Service Canada website, government issued ID must be changed almost right away.  Make a list before you move of all the places you need to update your new address and once you’ve unpacked a few bags, sit down to make a few calls and changes online to take the stress out of missed bills or mail. 

Bonus tip – Don’t forget to make a plan for your pets on moving day!  The last thing you want on such a hectic day is for your pet to go missing in a brand-new neighbourhood that they are unfamiliar with.  Your scent won’t be on your new place making it difficult for animals to find their way home.  The stress of moving takes a tole on your animals so leaving them somewhere else for the day then picking them up once you have prepared a small safe space for them with their food, water and their favourite blanket or toy, is a great plan.  Bringing them into a relaxing new space is key to everyone’s comfort.