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4 Ways to Save on Holiday Decorating

November 28th 2016 - Amanda Perkins 

The holidays are such a great time of year.  The most wonderful time some would say. Snow is falling, holiday music is playing and holiday parties start happening.  However, between all of the events, shopping, decorating and holiday baking, December can become quite expensive.

We are here to help you decorate your home for the holidays on a budget. Don’t worry, when your guests come over to celebrate, they will have no idea you kept the costs low! 

1)      Utilize your yard!

Taking trimmings from your trees or shrubs can really help add a great pop of colour, greenery and outdoor scents indoors.  You can turn them into a wreath to hang by your door or window, add them to urns you already have or cut small pieces to put into a vase or bowl with other holiday décor items such as ornaments or candles. (Tip – if you are going to add your trimmings around candles, make sure to go flameless!) Don’t forget to add in a few pine cones!  Again, anything that may be laying around your yard.  Taking advantage of the beauty outside is our favourite way to decorate for the holidays on a budget!

2)      Use items you already have

Do you have any lanterns or bowls that you already own and can be changed up for the holidays?  Simply add some of your greenery to a lantern with a flameless candle and a few old ornaments creating a great holiday decoration.  Do the same with any type of bowl or tray that you normally use as décor on a table or countertop. Add in the greenery and ornaments bringing that old bowl back to life!  The best part is, by using items you already have laying around the house, it costs you nothing!

3)      Search for free printables

You can find almost anything online these days. One great way to spruce up your inside space is to search for free prints that can be added to your frames.  Swap out some of your current pictures and art for more festive pieces.  You can search online and print them at home or at a store nearby. This is a very inexpensive way to reinvent items you already have with very inexpensive new pieces.

4)      Get the kids involved!

Painting or making decorations with kids is a great way to include them in the holiday season as well as keeping the costs low.  Pick up some paint and a few blank canvases and have them paint Christmas trees and snowmen.  These can be hung around the house to encourage kids to test out their creative side.

Tell us about your favourite holiday budgeting tip!