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5 Things to consider before buying a car

July 7th 2016

Buying a car is not a decision you should make overnight. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best option for you. Should you buy pre-owned or new, lease or finance and of course, the big question – what is your budget.  Before entering into the intense car sales world, take a moment to consider these 5 things:

1)      Have a clear idea of your budget. Know what you are comfortable spending before walking into a dealership. There will be many extra features and add-ons, and professional sales people will try to sell you on them. Consider talking to your local credit union before hand. Get approved for a car loan, allowing you to walk into any dealership with cash on hand. Get the best price available and ensure you stay within your budget.

2)      Know what style of vehicle you want. What will you be using the car for? City driving, long road trips, mountain ranges or trails? All require different types of vehicles and depending on what you want to use yours for there may be a specific style that would be better suited to your needs.

3)      Shop around.  Many dealerships offer similar styles of cars at very different prices. Decide what features you are looking for in a vehicle and search online for pricing before heading into the dealership.

4)      If you buy a pre owned car, make sure to get a full history of the vehicle. Before you buy a pre owned car, make sure you test everything! Brakes, stereo, all the doors, mirrors, tires etc. to make sure there are no problems and everything works as stated.  Also it is important to ask about the history of the car. Are there currently any liens on the vehicle, has it ever been involved in an accident and have there been any improvements made?

5)      Don’t be afraid to negotiate and say exactly what you want (or don’t want).  If you are unhappy with the ticket price the dealership is offering you, negotiate a better one. What can you do to get a better price on the vehicle you want? Going into a dealership with cash is the best way to negotiate the lowest price on a new or used car.  On top of that, if you don’t like everything that the dealership and that specific car has to offer, don’t be afraid to say, “no thank you”, and continue your search elsewhere. Don’t settle for a vehicle a salesperson has talked you into it. Take the time to be sure and confident on your decision.

Written by Amanda Perkins