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Energy saving tips for summer

May 18th 2018 - Amanda Huinink

With summer rolling in, now is a great time to start thinking about how to cut down costs on your energy bill before your A/C unit begins blasting for the next 3 months.  Below are some tips and things to consider that will help you keep your energy usage low all summer long.

1) Smart Thermostats

-        For example: Nest or Ecobee

-        Saves money by learning how you live

-        Connects to wifiuses an algorithm to learn about the heating and cooling system, the outside temperature and your house

-        It can save you approx. 23% a year on your heating/cooling costs

-        Pays for itself in about 18 months

2) Things to do around the house

-        Close the blinds during the day to keep heat from the hot sun out while you’re A/C unit is running

-        Save the A/C and use a Fan instead or open the windows at night if it’s cool enough

-        Changing filters to help efficiency with your heating & cooling system

-        Turning off the lights and electrical things you ren’t using

-        Air dry your clothes

-        Using your stove, dish-washer, drier etc. do that at night, after 8pm

3) Finding Leaks where air and heat are escaping 

-        Make sure to repair any leaks right away to save on wasted heating and cooling costs

4) Clean Filters

-        This will keep A/C units running efficiently as dirty filters cause your air conditioning unit to run harder, using more energy