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Kick Start your Plan

March 16th 2016 - Betty Anne Flynn

You know when you go on a diet and lose those first 5 to 10 pounds? This then becomes the motivation you need to stick with your plan and lose even more weight? There is nothing better than acting on your plan and seeing actual results. Use this same analogy to kick-start your financial plan.  Below are some helpful hints to earn some extra cash to get your plan off to a running start and help motivate you to stick with your plan and achieve your goals!

Yard Sale

This is a terrific way to de-clutter your home and make money!  Spring is just around the corner, which means tis the season for yard sales.  It’s perfect timing to go through closets, the basement or the garage and sell gently used items you no longer need, but may still have value to someone else.  How much money can you make to kick-start your plan just by selling off your unwanted stuff?

Sell online / or on consignment

Selling items online or by consignment is a great way to get rid of large, or more expensive items like furniture, exercise equipment or electronics.  There are plenty of online sites on which you can sell anything!  For specialty items, you might even want to consider a consignment store – that way they do all the work and take all the calls.  Money you make on some of these bigger ticket items can really make a dent in paying off debt or building a savings plan! 

What’s in your cupboard?

Take inventory of the food you have in your cupboards, pantry and freezer.  You may be able to go a week or two (maybe longer) without a major shop just by using all the goods you have on hand.  Make meal plans around what you have already paid for and only shop for what you really need.  Put all that grocery savings towards your debt or savings!

Gift Cards

Do you have gift cards sitting around in your wallet taking up space?  Do you have points accumulating on credit cards or air miles cards?  You will be pleasantly surprised at how much these cards can help you kick start your financial plan.  If possible, use your cards or points to buy groceries. Perhaps specialty gift cards can be given as gifts to someone who is on your list for birthday or Christmas gifts.  If you have cards for big box stores, you can purchase items or gifts that are on your budget.  Every time you use a gift card or coupon, make sure it’s for a budgeted item, then the cash you save can be deposited to savings or transferred to debt.

Good luck with kick-starting your plan!  Get creative and let those first few bucks roll in and it truly will motivate you.  Won’t it be nice to enjoy a well-organized and de-cluttered home?  You will be amazed how much this can contribute to your overall well-being!

Written by Betty Anne Flynn