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Financial Wellness

February 1st 2016 - Betty Anne Flynn

Many of you have made your New Year’s resolutions and have started to execute your plans for 2016.  Improving one’s health is usually top of the list and we tend to focus on improving our diet, losing weight and starting a fitness regime.

Have you considered your financial wellness and what that can mean to your overall health and well-being?  Financial stress can and will have huge implications when it comes to your health, yet we don’t think about finances when we put plans in place to become healthy.  Consider this – poor money management, a high debt load and uncontrollable spending habits can cause a great deal of stress  leading to many physical illnesses such as headaches, anxiety or high-blood pressure. If not addressed properly, financial difficulties within a family can also lead to a breakdown in marriage and family relationships. 

If your goal for 2016 is to improve your health, make sure to include a plan for your  finances.  Over the next several weeks, I will be offering advice and tips on money-management, budgeting and financial planning to help get you set on a path to financial wellness.

Written by Betty Anne Flynn