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Holiday Hosting tips under $100

December 19th 2017 - by Amanda Perkins 

The holidays can be an expensive time of year, especially if you are the host!  It doesn’t matter if the group is small or large - food, décor, drinks and hosting costs can add up quickly, all for the food to be chowed down on in minutes.  Not only that, but you’re the one who gets stuck with all the clean up either that night or the next day. 

If we can help take a little bit of the financial stress out of your holiday season than we have helped in some way.   If you know you are hosting this year’s holiday bash, lets plan together a way to keep your event on budget.

Items you have on hand

There are many things for your menu including spices and baking items that we are going to assume you already have.  This helps with the cost of your overall mean planning.  Items like flour, salt, pepper, bay leaves, broth, milk, butter, eggs, onions, garlic, bread etc. - every bit of savings helps. This means you only need to focus on the bigger items like a turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables and drinks. 

Inexpensive options

To save on the costs of your everyday spices and baking items a great resource is the Bulk Barn. You can get the exact amount you need for your holiday recipe or stock up for a really great price (especially compared to the grocery stores costs).  If your family is not stuck on the idea of a turkey or you can’t find one on sale, consider alternatives like a ham or pot roast. Spice up your party with other meal options based on the sales that you come across in the weeks leading up to the holidays.  No one says it has to be turkey.

If you plan on serving drinks, consider a cheaper boxed wine or pick a less expensive bottle.  Just because you are the host doesn’t mean you must serve your guests the best of the best when it comes to your wine and beer selection. 

Planning ahead

You know that the holiday season is coming, so when items like a turkey and bags of potatoes go on sale, stock up. Most grocery stores will put ham and turkey on sale about 3-4 weeks before a big holiday.  Consider it a bonus for those of us that plan ahead!  

Searching for day old bread is not only a yummier option for your home-made stuffing but it is also less expensive.  Add in your own spices and veggies to make a great stuffing for the whole family to enjoy. To plan ahead even further, buy bread when it’s on sale and freeze it until needed.

Pot Luck Style

The last but probably my favourite way to cut down on both the planning and financial stress, is to ask all your guests to bring a dish.  This can range from a case of pop or bottle of wine to a side dish or dessert. Any little bit helps. This allows you time to focus not only your energy but also your budget on being the perfect host!  In my experience, all your guests will be more than happy to contribute and this makes the party that much more enjoyable.