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How cleaning up can earn you money!

June 14th 2018 - Amanda Huinink 

These past 3 years have been a bit hectic for our family.  We lived in a new rental together, then bought a new construction condo (that would be delayed many times before moving into), thus we moved into my parent’s basement and collected new condo items for a length of time. After eighteen months of condo living we purchased our first house and recently made it our new home.  Needless to say, through that period of time, there were many items that were bought, returned, used, exchanged or needed.  Through all this chaos we ended up with quite a large pile of gently used or brand-new items that we weren’t interested in boxing up, storing and moving a second time into our new home. The solution would be to sell them.  It was crazy how fast just cleaning up and properly organizing our items could produce quite a large “to sell” pile.  Not only did we find we had household items to sell off but also clothes, many of which still had the tags on. 

This is where it is great to take advantage of buy and sell groups in your area.  We were able to sell the majority of our items we did not want to take with us to the new home as well, as many of the items that were left in the new house that were not quite our style but still in great condition. A helpful tip when selling your items, is to think about how much you paid for the item brand new, how much someone could currently purchase the new item for, and what similar items are selling for on other buy and sell sites. With this information and a time frame for how long you are willing to wait for a certain price, choose yours.

For us, the majority of items we wanted gone right away, the remaining we were willing to hold on to for longer to sell off at a higher price. After a few weeks we set an end date and decided whatever was left, we would donate.

Depending on the items you are looking to donate, there may be different charities or locations you might want to consider When donating clothing, it’s always great to look into different organizations that take in work clothes for males and females, items for young mothers like Rose of Durham or different health focused groups such as Diabetes Canada or The Kidney Foundation. For both household items like furniture, home improvement items or décor as well as clothing, there are drop off centres such as Good Will, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity or Value Village.

Decluttering and sorting is not only a great way to make some extra cash for yourself, it also promotes recycling and giving back by helping another person or family with affordable, gently used items.