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How to plan a vacation on a budget

June 10th - by Amanda Huinink

With hot summer weather just around the corner and the vacation calendar at work filling up fast, now is a great time to start thinking about your summer destinations.  However, doing so on a budget can be tricky.  It’s important to start out with actually building a travel budget into your yearly plan.  If you know that seeing the world, taking road trips or getting away for the weekend is important to you, then planning for it should be too. That way when the time comes to plan a getaway, you are financially prepared for it.


Tip #1 – Sign up for alerts from discount travel sites. This is a great way to either plan for a cheap last-minute deal or to watch prices on a location you know you want to visit. 

Tip #2 – Travel off-season. Travel to a destination during it’s off season - avoiding march break and Christmas holidays or consider flying on a weekday like a Tuesday or Wednesday can really cut down on costs when flying.

Tip #3 -  Research rental sites like Airbnb or hotel auction sites such as to find better prices on your accommodations during your trip.  A regular hotel chain website doesn’t always have to be the first place you look.

Tip #4 – Look into the travel reward points that your credit card may have.  You may be sitting on a bunch of points that you can use towards free airfare or travel. If you don’t have enough points built up, then check to see if your card offers any type of discounts on travel services like rental cards or hotel discounts.  In addition to travel points, you may also have free travel insurance through your credit card, so look into the benefits that you may already have before purchasing anything additional.