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Keeping Yourself Safe From Fraud!

August 16th 2016

Sometimes keeping track of all of our passwords can be hard. It is tempting to make each and every password the same so we won’t forget. By doing this, we are opening ourselves up to fraud and identity theft. We’ve all been told it is important to keep safe and secure passwords, making sure it is strong and complex enough to keep out even the best of hackers. How many people are actually taking the time to make these changes and increase their security measures, making it harder for fraudsters to crack their personal info?  I know adding capitals, numbers, special symbols and character lengths make passwords and PIN’s harder to remember. The upside to these changes is they also make it harder for people to scam you.  If there is one piece of advice we can provide to you, it is to avoid using these VERY common and easy to decipher passwords:



Your name

Your pets name

Your birth date

The season

It is important to remember that your personal debit card is specific to you and only you! You should never be sharing your PIN with any family members, your spouse, children or friends. If you ever suspect that your PIN or password has been compromised or that someone has gained access to your information, notify your credit union or bank right away.

Not only is it important to create strong password and not share them with anyone, it is also important to be aware of popular scams that are out there. Never give out your personal information to anyone (especially someone over the phone) because you never know when something may turn out to be a scam, and criminals are getting better everyday.  It’s important to be vigilant and aware of all possible phone or internet scams. Anyone asking for you to provide your information should be seen as a suspect. Be cautious, providing this information may allow any stranger the ability to proceed or gain access to something as significant as your CRA records or tax return. 

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Written by Amanda Perkins