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Member Savings Credit Union turns 68!

June 15th 2017

Another year another birthday!  We couldn’t be happier about getting older each year because every year older means reaching the financial goals of more and more Canadians. We have close to 70 years of experience helping all different people from all across the province, helping them achieve a vast number of financial goals. Whether members are saving for a house, want to purchase a new home or new car, get out of debt or just require services for their everyday life – we are here to help. Every year we serve thousands of LCBO employees and their family members across Ontario to help them achieve financial success.  This year, we are focused on bringing the best new technology to our members, helping make their banking experience better than ever.



New to the credit union world or not sure what a credit union even is?

We are a financial institution that offers all of your daily banking services such as savings, chequing, investments, loans, mortgages and much, much more!  We are more than a bank and better too!

We are owned by our members – meaning the profits that we make each year, go directly back into the products and services we offer and create for our members.  Profits do not go back into the hands of big shareholders.  If you are sick and tired of your hard-earned money ending up in someone else’s pocket – consider switching to a credit union.  We are here working for you, providing all of the same products and services as your bank – only better!

- Amanda Perkins