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#DingFreeDay - Get to Know the App!

April 22nd 2016

Do you ever find yourself on the go and needing cash? Are you sick of getting hit with the $2 service charge from some of the big banks just for withdrawing your money?  Fear no more!  Member Savings Credit Union is part of the Exchange® Network with over 4,000 ATM’s across the nation that bring you Surcharge Free ATM’s!

April 22nd is National #DingFreeDay and we are making it our mission to educate members on the ways that credit unions can provide you the best service and the best rates. We want you to know all the locations where you can gain access to your money without any nasty service charge, ding free.  Many credit union members use ATM’s not associated with our network all for the sake of “convenience” simply because they are unaware of the service that is available to them.  Download the free Ding Free® app for smartphones for on the go access to Surcharge Free ATM locations.   You will never get hit with a service charge again! You will be shocked at how many free ATM locations are right in your neighbourhood.

So what have we learned today? Why get charged to access your own money when this free service is available to you? $2 here and there may not seem like much each time, but it could add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars each year.

Looking for more information about the Ding Free® locator app or how to download the app?  Check out the Ding Free website for all of your surcharge free needs.

Written by Amanda Perkins