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Part 8 - Get Going!

April 5th 2016

Now you have your goal in sight and you’ve started on your plan to achieving that goal – now what? Get that plan into action!

Remember not only does proper money management help you achieve your life goals, but it can also have a positive impact on your overall health and well-being! Focus on your goals to keep track and stay motivated to stick with your plan.   Sometimes I like to start a vision board or frame a few small pictures of my goal (my dream home or next vacation) and keep it on my desk or close by where I am constantly reminded of what I am working towards.  As you sit there at your desk and think about going out for lunch or going to buy a coffee look at that frame or board and you will be reminded of your goal and the plan you have to get there. More often than not, this will keep you focused and keep you from spending money that you have not set aside in your budget.

Good Luck with your new plan, we can’t wait to help you get started, get you back on track and cheer you on along the way.

Do you have any other tips you would love to add to this plan? Talk to us!

Written by Betty Anne Flynn