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  • Let us help youlighten the load ofthe holiday season.

Looking for a bit of extra cash this holiday season?

Don’t rack up a huge credit card bill with a high interest rate when you can get a low rate Christmas loan with Member Savings for all of your holiday spending. 

Enjoy stress free holidays with payments starting January 10th 2019!  Get up to $3,500* of spending money and make bi-weekly payments for 1 year directly from your payroll deduction or direct deposit pay.

Apply online or call us toll-free at 1-888-560-2218.


Don't forget - You can skip your loan payment over the holidays on existing loans!

The holidays can be enjoyable, but stressful too. We can help. If you have a personal loan with Member Savings, you can skip your December payment. Just give us a quick call to confirm that you are taking the holiday payment off and you will be all set. No need to sign anything.

You can miss your December payments on your personal loan upon qualification (1 monthly payment, 2 bi-weekly payments or 4 weekly payments). You have to have had your loan open for 6 months and had no previous loan extensions in the last 12 months. 

Happy Holidays!

Help me with a Christmas Loan!