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COVID-19 Member Update

Release March 26th 2020

With COVID-19 at the forefront, we’re here to help.

As the COVID-19 situation is changing daily, we are here, ready to help you through any financial burden you may be facing. We will ensure our members have full access to their banking needs during this difficult time while also prioritizing the safety of our members and staff. 


Access online is available 24/7

We are urging our members to set up their credit union accounts online, reducing the need to go out in public. Most of your banking needs can be met through our online banking website and mobile banking app. If you do not already have access to these services, you can call us directly to have your account set up on both of these platforms.  Our website and mobile banking app are both a safe and secure way to access your money from the comfort of your home, where we should all be staying at this time.  From home you are able to pay bills, send and receive e-transfers, remotely deposit cheques, view account history and much more. To download our mobile banking app please visit,


Our branch is closed for in-person service, but ATMs across the country are still available.

Although we are encouraging our members to stay away from handling cash, when it is absolutely necessary, you are always able to access your money by using your debit card at a surcharge free ATM across the country through the Exchange network. To find a location near you please visit,  If you do not have a MemberCard® debit card please call us to order one.


Financial assistance is available to you.

Despite these unsettling times, financial assistance is available to you. We understand there are many changes happening daily to previously stable employment and rest assured, whenever possible, we are here to help. If you are struggling with paying your bills, rent, loans, mortgage or buying groceries we can offer financial assistance to ease the burden.  As always, every situation is different. We pride ourselves in working with each of you to come up with a plan most suitable to your needs. Whether it’s a line of credit, personal loan or simply speaking with one of our financial advisors we can help find you a solution.

Member Savings continues to be here, supporting our members across the country. Although public access to our branch is restricted, should you have a financial need that cannot be completed remotely, we will most certainly do our best to accommodate you.  For up to date information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s impact on your banking, please visit our website and feel free to contact us at 1.888.560.2218 or We thank you for your patience as we, together with you, navigate through these difficult times.