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  • Member Testimonials

Here's What Our Members Are Saying...

"Having gone through the frustration and poor customer service from big banks, it has been a pleasure dealing with Member Savings Credit Union and their staff.  Since becoming a member I built a new home, have a number of investments and several bank accounts.  Anytime I do business with them everything is handled smoothly, efficiently and with a smile.  Definitely something I cannot say when dealing with the ‘other guys’!!  If you are frustrated with your bank and looking for an alternative, you won’t regret calling these folks." - Ken Lewkoski

"Member Savings Credit Union is the bank where everybody knows your name. Such a personalized attention to detail that is bar none. But most of all, a few months ago when my husband's email got compromised, the staff noticed right away and reached out to us. We could have lost a lot of money. The big banks can't provide that level of service, while keeping their bank fees low, yet Member Savings does it every day. That's why they will always be my bank."  – Sonia Dawes

"I am most impressed by your staff members who not only get things done but are also not afraid to pitch in for others when the need arises. Being a member for nearly 40 years and being exposed to outstanding customer service with the LCBO, I can honestly say that the Credit Union is distinct and precise in the process of excellent customer service. Thank you!" - Retired LCBO Store Manager, George Cummings, Toronto.

“I cannot say enough good things about working with Member Savings. From start to finish Karyn was amazing! She was a pleasure to do business with. Everything was taken care of in a timely manner and our money was available to us almost immediately. I will never work with a bank again. Member Savings is the way to go!” – April Marolias

“Banking with you has been my most positive experience I've received from any bank, and I've tried all the big ones.” – Jeff Bernstein

“Member Savings - always striving for perfection” - Vlad Krstevski

"I have been a member of the C.U. for over 30 years and what I love about it that it has always felt like a community/family type bank. Unlike the big banks where you truly are just a number, the C.U. has a much friendlier feel to it. The staff actually know your name and what your needs might be. It's really refreshing to do banking where they actually look out for your best interests, not just cranking out service charges. The frontline staff of Michelle, Suzy, Lisa and Marcia are always friendly, professional and above all approachable. Thanks for all the great service and "pens" you have provided over the years. It's a pleasure doing business with you all."  – Paul Larose

Have you had a great experience with Member Savings?  We'd love to hear about it and add to our testimonial page!